Monday, 25 June 2007

An Ode to The Bitchen Six

The Bitchen Six were the result
Of a night which was to become cult

It all started with a few pre-drinks
And led to a mighty great stink

The party went sour
It had only been a few hours

Off we went on a walk
To a place which would become the talk

For days, weeks and months to come
The place where it had all begun

Our home became an awesome night
Which was to be the year group site

Though we now go our separate ways
Friends we shall always stay

So the tale of The Bitchen Six will continue
But who knows where it will take you.

Something to remind me of my closest friends and greatest memories.

To DeeJay, Liz, Marshall, Pete and Tom ~ the other 5 members of the Bitchen Six ~ and Cece and Anita who have been there on the way too,

Thank you for all the best parts of my teenage years.