Thursday, 14 June 2007

The Break-Up

WOW - What a day!

Did some revision today as I had nothing else planned. Unfortunately I spent most of my free-time catching up with friends and family over Facebook. Oops, but it isn't so bad as I have tomorrow, Saturday morning and Monday! I'm sure it hasn't meant failure is inevitable right?

I got a phone call from Georgia around 10.30am asking to cover her shift at work this evening, which I was more than happy to do, especially since it meant working late night with Jen and DeeJay. If it wasn't for this it would be a full week 'til I'd see DeeJay next and who knows for when I'd see Jen.

In the three hours I had before leaving for work I got some random, boring house chores done and limited amounts of psychology revision ~ though I cleverly stuck notes and posters on the walls of the living room so that it looked like I had been doing much more work when my parents got in! Hehehee I'm a sneaky one at times.

When I got into work, it was to find a dead shop with everyone leaving early. Jen took me to the side when I got down onto shop floor, "I want to talk to you DeeJay later, OK?". Well, I knew exactly what was going to be the talk. Earlier in the week I had got a bit upset when I saw that Jen's relationship status had changed to "just left a relationship". I instantly spoke to DeeJay, really worried and a little upset. I guess I should explain the relationship and background here.

Jen is my supervisor at work who is the loveliest, most caring and fun and talented and beautiful girl you will ever meet. It turned out that she was going out with a guy called Aaron Kendall who went to my school, two years ahead of me, and who I vaguely knew. As time went by I realised she was also friends with some girls who I was also friends with from my school. Jen and Aaron had come and seen a school play I was in with their friends, so it was a nice little common ground there that we shared.
During the holiday season Aaron came and joined the Fat Face team and I got to know him better. DeeJay and I have always been quite close to Jen and so we quickly took to Aaron also making our own little family unit. DeeJay really looking up to Aaron and me, Jen! They were always looking out for us two and having a good time with us and stuff.

Anyway, back to today. I was pottering around in the stock room and stopped for a second. It hit me that when Jen would speak to me, it was going to be like being told by my mum that her and dad were getting a divorce (this hasn't actually happened, I just presume). When I got back downstairs Jen came over and let me know that her and Aaron had indeed decided to take a break from their 2 and half year relationship. We stood and talked over it and she explained why they were doing it and apologised to me. It was so odd, but I don't think I've ever been upset about a break-up like this. I mean, I know I cried when DeeJay and Maye ended, but his was different. It feels so strange to know that they aren't together anymore. Jen even said to me that she felt like a parent telling her children she was getting a divorce. She said that her and Aaron had wanted to sit me and DeeJay down together and tell us properly.

When DeeJay and I left work at 8pm we both gave Jen a hug and had our little moment. As we were walking out both me and DeeJay were feeling quite low. Though I think it DeeJay took it worse than me. I guess I was ready prepared for it, whereas Deej, though he knew about the Facebook thing, didn't think it could be true. I think my surrogate family just had it's first trauma!

I really hope Jen and Aaron are going to be OK. They're still best friends, but I don't think that really makes up for the love they have for one another. They haven't stopped lobing one another or wanting to be around each other. I guess they just need to find themselves properly before they go and add another person to their life permanently like that.

To Jen and Aaron,
You've shared some amazing times and you've made my life so beautiful. You have been my role-models and even now you continue to grow in my respect. Never change!