Wednesday, 13 June 2007

A New Found Love

I think that there is someone on m mind as I keep typing their name and randomly mentioned them in my exams today. Luckily I haven't fully daydreamt (?) today so I have picked up on this mistake!

My gosh I had forgotten how painful writing is when doing it for 3 hours straight! Let alone the pain it causes for your eyes, the general boredom and the stress it causes.

My best friend saw me in a new light this morning. I arrived in school at 7.48am OUCH!! But it paid off in the end. I decided leaving early for my 9am exam was the best idea but hadn't vouched for my dear mother to offer a lift. I sat in the library going over notes for my theology exam for 30mins then did some idea bouncing with a classmate.

You'd think cram revising before an exam would calm you a bit, especially when you appear to know everything you'll need. Well, apparently not! By 8.40am I was going crazy outside the Sports Hall, laughing hysterically at the smallest things and freaking out at the even more insignificant. DeeJay was quite in shock to see me in such a state over an exam and found it hard not to laugh at me! I owe him an apology for acting in such a bizarre manner this morning!!

As I sat down for the first paper it hit me that I had neglected to revise aims of punishment and started to get more and more worried. But "Praise be to God!", when I opened the paper I was not lacking relevant information. I don't think I have ever smiled at an RE exam paper in my life until this day. I have a new found love for examiners - the questions were so simple and absolutely perfect! The only downside was the 3 hours spent writing four essays and approximately 20 pages =S Well, at least I never have to do a paper like that again!

I had an hour between this exam and the waste of space exam known better as General Studies. I was hoping that I could sleep or revise during this exam and ended up doing the former. Halfway through this 1 hour and a half exam I dosed off and trailed off mid-sentence. When I woke it was luckily only 10 mins passed and I had time to rectify the dodgy sentence I ended on. I had quite forgotten how positively pointless and irrelevant this exam is, luckily I only have two more left in my lifetime! Though I'd rather not waste those few precious hours on trivial nonsense.

Now to the slightly more interesting business of life - I went to the city with DeeJay, Tom, Katy and Celia to meet Liz for some more prom shopping (only 3 weeks 'til the day now =D). When we got up to the city we met Anita - my whore bitch! - and got some yummy Ice Cream from Baskin Robbins. We then found Liz's jewellery and my make-up. I'm really excited for prom, I'm getting my make-up done at Debenhams, then getting my hair cut
Hopefully it will be like this but in my natural darkish brown colour! I'm completely in love with my shoes for prom too They're just so pretty and cute and sweet!

Other than that this day has been pretty non-plus!

OH, but before ending I must publicly - or not so - congratulate my beautiful SpongiePie who passed her driving practical yesterday. She is such a sweetheart, she took all four of us tag-a-longs home this evening!

Well done Spongie!