Sunday, 1 July 2007

What A Mess

Well, my face, hair and room anyway.

I had the worse start to the best week. Having everything revolve around prom, waking up with an extra spot each morning leading up to Thursday 28th June was not very good. But nevertheless I managed to have a full and fun week.

On the Monday I had a day of clearing mine and my sister's room as she was moving back in on Tuesday. I went into school in the afternoon around 3pm to meet DeeJay, Liz and Celia. It was the girls’ last exam and so we decided to all go out and celebrate the summer starting fully with all of us together. I dumped three bags of folders into school and then went and sat with DeeJay in our library place. The last time we would ever be doing that. Mrs Manley offered to have out names written on the table as we technically own it. Our group of friends always spent frees on a corner table. No one else ever used it when we were around! Ah I will miss these little things. Around 3.20pm DeeJay and myself went and met the girls from their English exam and went into the city centre for a Starbucks.

Tuesday, I had a girls day with Celia, Liz and Katy all coming over. We sat around the house chatting and just reminiscing over the old days. It was really nice to just relax with them actually. Kates left to collect her stuff to stay over mine. Liz went home around 4pm as she had gymnastics then Kates turned back up at the house around 6pm. We all just chilled out looking over old pictures and stuff from Year 11 and 12. It was really funny remembering how we all met and stuff. Always feels good top dig around the memory box.

Wednesday was woken at 9am by Katy turning up at the house (she had stayed over Phil’s). We sat in the kitchen and had a drink. Then sat and gossiped and did the usual girlie thing until 1pm when Liz came to pick me up. We went into Bletchley, dropping Katy off at home and then heading into Central Bletchley. Liz and I had some lunch then went to the hairdressers where I got my new cut. It’s so different to usual, but I quite like it. After that was done we headed back down the high street in the rain to fond a boutonnière for Liz to give to DeeJay for prom. Luckily the first florist did this at an incredibly good price, so Liz put in the order and we headed back to the car.
Liz dropped me home and we sat chatting in the car about prom and stuff. then went back to hers. The rest of the day was nothing special.

Thursday was the big day! I was up and out of the house by 10am. I went to DeeJay’s, being greeted by Tita Ellen in her dressing gown. I think I arrived a bit too early. DeeJay was still in bed so I went up and woke him. I gave him quite a shock. He sat for a couple of minutes sitting bolt upright in silence staring at me before he clicked and told me I was late! Hehehee
We went and met Kate in a park to pick some bits up form her for that night. DeeJay took his new camera with him and we sat playing on the swings and see-saw for 20mins whilst waiting for Kate to arrive. It reminded me of how cool childhood is. Oh the simplicity of it all.
We went back to his and I was shown the world of Ben Folds Five, DeeJay’s favourite band and now a top one for me too. I have been introduced into the complexities of three incredibly talented males. It’s a real shame that they split before I even discovered them. But the music is still all available so I shall be enjoying there music over the summer for sure.

At 1.30om I left DeeJay’s and went into Bletchley to pick up some extra prom bits and the boutonnière for Liz. I then had to rush back home to pick up my prom invitation and a couple of other bits too. Then it was into the city to meet Celia. She looked stunning when I met her. She had just had her make-up done at Mac for the prom and it was perfect. She’d also had her hair done that morning which was amazing! We went and picked up my jewellery and Celia’s last prom piece. We then rushed back to hers, picked up her dress and other bits and got a taxi up to DeeJay’s where Marshall, Liz, Tom and Pete were relaxing before the limo.

It was about 4.45pm when we arrived at DeeJay’s. We had until 6.30pm to get ready for that night which we spent well. Liz did my hair and make-up; I did her back (cover-ups on tan-lines which I probably could have done with too). We were the last one’s ready and came downstairs about 6pm to take pictures with the guys. Tita Ellen gave us all a glass of red wine whilst we waited. I downed a second before the limo arrived and we all went out about 6.40pm.

The limo attracted the scary neighbours in Fullers Slade and it felt like we were celebrities or something. The driver got out the red carpet and we all had out photo taken as we went into the limo and as a group outside the limo too. As we piled in, we found that there was a bottle of champagne ready with glasses and three screens which allowed us to watch music videos, play karaoke and play PlayStation games. It was pretty damn awesome and we have Celia to thank for it.

After popping open the bubbly, Pete passed the bottle for me to pour (not a good idea) as I poured it perfectly until I managed to overflow and pour about a glasses worth in my dress. Eeeek. Luckily it was the 8th glass and there were only 7 of us. Oh, and champagne doesn’t stain either when your clothing is dark. We sang some karaoke on the way to the Holiday Inn, formerly the Marriott Courtyard.

We were the only group with a limo apparently. I was already tipsy *coughs* by the time we arrived, and managed to see people when we went in. Okay, so Dale and Chris were meeting and greeting. Then Miss Green and Miss Naylor were just inside taking pictures of us all. I went ahead of the group and saw the prom committee girls, Cla, Lorna, Lizi, Lisa and Sophie. Got my glass of Bucks Fizz and then wondered aimlessly for a bit. I took some pictures with people as I saw them and then went back to find my group. On the way up I met Katy and Phil.
The seven of us (being DeeJay, Liz, Celia, Marshall, Pete, Tom and myself) went to go and get out professional picture done. The final choice was odd, but very good, and we were all pleased with it! I think anyway.

Other stuff happened, then we went into the dining hall and were seated. We had our meals serves (I barely ate, as the other girls too) and at some point during this I found some other friends arriving at the table or going to theirs. And then somehow got to the toilets which I don’t remember happening. Took some more pictures in there and then went back to the Dining Hall. After the meals had been finished and cleared away, the awards started.

Everyone who we all said was going to win the various awards did. Naomi Manley and Ben Van Leuven winning best dressed; Katy – Teenage Drama Queen; Jake McInnes – Boozy Floozy; Me – Oops I Did It Again (accident prone apparently); Jail Bird – Chris Ormonde (possibly, I don’t remember); various other awards were won; Rebel without a Reason – Ben Van Leuven; Vintage Wine – Me (not sure why or what the award was for I was just happy to walk away with free wine!).

We then had the disco bit, some good songs were played and most people got up and danced. Including teachers, which was really good fun. They were all so far gone by this stage so it was quite amusing. After a long time (I had no concept on time do I’ll guess at 2 and a half hours) the limo came and picked us up, exchanging Tom for Mark as Tom is saving monies for Teighlor who is coming on Thursday (WOOP WOOP).

We were meant to have an hour’s drive around MK but opted out of this and went to DeeJay’s for us to pick up everything, then mine to drop it all off (as this was where we all stayed the next morning – bar Mark) and then finally ended at the Point where we spent the nest 3 hours. Nexus was fairly busy, with most of the year there. Pete had gone to Oceana instead, but ended up walking over to Nexus as he couldn’t get in.

It was really good to be back there again. I didn’t really spend much time with the group once there. Well, Cece and Liz I danced with a few times but Celia hooked up with Nat once there and Liz and Lizi stayed together, well mingled with others too really. Kates was there so we jived for a bit. I actually managed to get around most of the year that were there which was really good. It was probably the last time I see a lot of them so I’m glad I didn’t waste that time.

I vaguely remember the end of the night where I was being attacked by people. I know Pete and DeeJay were involved. Okay. So let’s explain this properly. A song came on and Pete made a jolt with his hand in my face and loud noises and it scared me; so a few of them did this for a little bit whilst I cowered and screamed in my seat. They are such lovely friends to have!

We left Nexus just after 3am and walked over to the Xscape to meet some of Pete’s friends there. A guy called Calvin who outs Pete to shame. Well, that is what DeeJay said. Personally I would say he puts Pete’s dancing skills pail into insignificance as Calvin is little less than fudging awe-inspiring. We eventually left for mine at about 4am.
Once home us girls went straight to bed after I set up the sleeping arrangements for the guys downstairs. Then we lay awake in my room listening to the guys running around and laughing and chatting quite loudly! Hahahaa, they are such kids, quite a musing to listen to. Especially when I remembered that my phone was downstairs and the alarm was set for 6am (about an hour after they finally went to sleep). Ah the joys of being “in-the-know”.

Us girls got up at about 8.30am/9am and went and woke the boys. The poor things were knackered. We just sat on the couch and in the bed downstairs chatting and being lazy. We had tea/coffee and biscuits. Liz and I opted for the best choice having bug mugs of coffee with shots of Kahlua as a wake-up which worked rather well.

We moped about for a few hours. Pete and Marshall left at about 1pm. Then Dad came home offered us sausage sandwiches but none of us were up to eating yet. At 2.30pm Liz’s dad picked her up and then the three of us left there got ready and then headed into the centre. DeeJay went straight home from there whilst em and Cece went to have some breakfast/lunch/recovery food in McDonald's. I then went to work and Celia walked home.

Mum picked me up from work at 8pm and had a weird angry outburst at me ending with her crying and then suddenly switching to a jolly “So how was work?”

I seriously worry about her sometimes. And I mean that with the utmost sincerity. She has been so weird these past few months. She’ll be really grumpy, angry and feeling sorry for herself and then will be really cool and fine for a bit. I’m not sure what’s wrong with her. Something has happened though. I wonder if she doubts her marriage and family-life sometimes. Though it’s probably just me over-thinking it.

I spoke to Pam (my Dad’s sister) about it and she agreed with me but is more concerned with my Dad. I feel incredibly sorry for him. He just constantly gets it in the neck from her. I spoke to him on Saturday evening when it was just the two of us, and he said she’s just been dodgy recently, but I know he’s more worried than he lets on. I wish he would open up sometimes, but I know that just isn’t him and never will be no matter how hard I try.

On Saturday, Mum, Dad and I joined the AFC congregation on a trip to Guilford. We spent the day in the pouring rain, on a muddy estate (Wintershall Estate), following the life of Christ. It was a drama performed by amateur actors from around Guilford. They staged it all outdoors with the audience following them around the fields for each Act and different scenes.

I really enjoyed it; in fact it had been my idea to get Mum and Dad to come with me. I got to walk around with my jeans rolled up to my knees and barefooted. Warm, wet, squelchy mud feels fantastic on the feet. It was so good. It was really well performed as well, staged and directed. We started the day at 5.30am getting to Church at 7.30am then joining the rest of the group on the coach arriving in Guilford for 10am. We left at 5pm and got home at 7pm which wasn’t bad going. Baths were certainly in order after that day!

Today was just a normal Sunday. Except I went into the city with Mum. I went and saw Georgia, Jen N, DeeJay, Vickie and Rob at work, then went an exchanged a top that Pam got me. Then Mum and I went to Starbucks for a chill-out. She was in her “bonding” mood today. She decided to tell me I should go no the pill and that I needed to spend some time with Kat. I haven’t spoken to her since she came back, which she mentioned to Mum. It’s actually really weird, but I guess sisters grow apart when they aren’t around each other; and living together again after four years of us both growing-up separately really does change things between us.

Oh well! I have the rest of the summer if needs be.

But this week ahead is devoted to friends again!