Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Nearly There

What a boring few days.

What a terrible way to start anything! Well, there's not much else to say for it. After an amazing weekend I slowly got stuck into my exams again. Monday I had a late start, was absolutely knackered. So after leaving myself an hour to eat breakfast and get washed and dressed (and get a phone call which I thought was to say "You're late for your exam" oh goodness exam anxiety sucks!) I went and had *fingers crossed* my last driving lesson. I went up into the city and didn't stall at the traffic lights AND went into fifth gear properly EVERYTIME today. I can't believe I can actually properly drive now. Well, hopefully.

I met DeeJay and Anita at the centre and we went over to Starbucks, but unfortunately our usual hang-out is closed 'til Monday 25th as it is being refurbished. Liz and Hannah S met us there and the four did some recap media revision. Then off they went to sit their last EVER media exam and I twaddled off to my bus stop.

I got drenched! Luckily I had my umbrella with me, but this only kept my head and shoulders dry. But I can't complain, it made me smile to be in the rain again - plus! it meant I could change into my Jim jams when I got home. Hehehee such a child still.

Tuesday I was up bright and early for school (never again) and sat "revising". Anita's brother kindly dropped us off at school where we met DeeJay and a few hours later, Tom. What a bad idea it was, thinking we would revise! What possessed such ludicrous thoughts is beyond my understanding completely. We went ti the city at 11am and had some lunch there ~ OUCH! to the prices at "The Place to Eat" it certainly didn't leave me feeling that way in the least! It isn't even as if they pay their staff particularly well on that. Liz and Hannah S met us again this time recapping Design over lunch. Back to school for exams, Liz driving us all back to the prison. What a boring yet slightly amusing exam! Luckily my thoughts of a certain person didn't run-a-way with me and I focused my mind on the tasks rather than an odd conversation and some good memories.

Tom, DeeJay and myself attempted to revise Psychology at the library after my exam. With one hour to waste we thought it was a good cram time. Pete was supposed to meet us, but unfortunately I lied to him (better tell it this way otherwise I'll get grief for lying >_>) telling him we would be there 'til 8om even though it closes at 6pm apparently ~ Sorry guys!
He couldn't make it up in time and so after a grand total of 19 minutes, we packed up our stuff and all went home.

I have NEVER felt so sick before. The suspension in the bus was atrocious and accompanied by a throbbing head and sickness from the most charming dinner-conversation, I was ready to hurl when I stepped off. By 6pm I was tucked up in bed with the windows wide open, sunglasses on and eyes closed. Turns out it was pressure from the thunderstorm building up which caused this. I truly do despise the sensitive head I own. If the pressure rises, my head starts thumping!

I woke at 4am this morning after a rather disturbing dream, involving squirrels, bears, ghosts, reality hitting me and a random phone call form my Dad informing me of where his stocking was. I was crapping myself when I woke. Then I realised I hadn't revised for my Psychology which was at 1pm today.

Thank the Lord for the morning. Into school at 7.55am and revising solidly til 8.30am. Then using my exam time to my best advantage. I had to sit three darn hours of General Studies this morning - including a re-sit. Oh yes, a re-sit in General Studies. How shameful on me. Never mind it proved perfect for Psychology revision. 5 pages on one paper were crossed out - filled with OCD, Schizophrenia and Cultural & Gender Bias. The other 3 pages making my first exam. Then 4 pages on Ethical Issues and The Use of Non-Human Animals crossed out, and 4 pages of relevant information made-up the second paper. I was quite impressed with myself. It proved most useful when it came to the 2 hour Psychology paper at 1pm. Who knows how I did. All that matters is that it's over with (until Uni anyway).

Now all that is left is tomorrow. BRING IT OOON! (in a true Joe Swanson styley)