Sunday, 24 June 2007

It's the time; it's the place; it's the motion.

Saturday was the day of Sophie's Grease party. But before this I had other things to do like shop and work.

I went into the city at 11.30am and visited the guys at work ti waste time before meeting Mr Tom! Hehee. Got to catch up on some gossip and stuff from the last week which is always good fun. Then went and met Tom off his bus. We went over to Hawes and Curtis to buy his tie for prom. I intended on buying it for him, but he wouldn't allow it. Never mind I have a sneaky hand and will get the money into his pocket at some point over the next few weeks. OR ~ hmm give it to Teighlor, that would work. Oh I am clever at times.

The city was manic with it being the 40th Anniversary of MK and also Sports mania. There were some pretty awesome people there signing and stuff, amongst them being Frank Bruno, Matt Dawson and a gladiator, but there name has completely vanished from my little brain! Either way, it was darn impressive. After wondering around Sports mania we found the Collectormania notice board and it turns out, much to Tom's approval, that he won't be missing the London Exhibition where Patrick Stewart and SYLAR are going to be. I so would love to go but it is unlikely I actually will. Tom shed a tear of joy or hay-fever I'm not sure which yet, and then we hurried over to Fat Face to let DeeJay know. I think that slightly brightened his day but not a huge amount. We only stayed for a bit, then went to get coffee. I'm not sure why we always say that when it never is coffee. Tom doesn't drink the stuff and I usually get cold drinks. We ended up at Millies and Baskins as all the coffee shops were packed. I got my usual large milkshake which I never get half-way through, and Tom got an awesome hot chocolate with cream and chocolate sauce. I love getting drinks with my friends, it makes me feel grown-up 'cos I can choose it. I'm very sad and childish at heart. After that we went over to game station so Tom could buy a new Wii Play hand-set and then went to the bus-stops where I waited with Tom 'til his bus arrived.

I went over to work and sat with George for a bit in the tea room then started work. Nothing interesting happened. The tills crashed so we had to do card transactions manually which is really fun. It's like when you play shop games as a kid. Although this lost its fun rapidly.

After work my daddy picked me up and took me home. I had to shower and change to be back out for 7.30pm. Dad took me to Abbey Hill Golf Club for Sophie's party where I met the first few guests ~ Katy, Emma and Sarah (two girls from Sophie and Katy's work). Sophie came out and her mum took a picture of the two of us before I went in. These were the rules for the guests, before entry you must take a picture with the Birthday Girl! Everyone had gone all out for their costumes and looked really good. T-Birds and Pink Ladies were rife and poodle skirts filled a lot of space. But I think the best dressed HAS to go to Liz. Skin tight peddle-pushers with the black court shoes and shoulderless black top. She made a truly amazing Sandy.
The party was pretty good. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and most importantly of all, Sophie had a fantastic time! She looked pretty amazing herself actually, in a cross costume between Sandy at the end and Marty at the High School Prom.
I left pretty early considering, I was home by 11.45pm and was just catching up with people and sorting out emails. Nothing particularly interesting really.

I woke up this morning with tears streaming down my cheeks. I keep having the most horrible dreams where really distraught things are happening. The other night I dreamt that the B6 and Teighlor were at mine with my family when DeeJay fell down the stairs and cracked his head open, his brains fell out and we didn't know what to do. It ended with me in the corner rocking back and forth and crying. I was really upset when I woke. But last night's was something entirely different. I dreamt that my Dad wrote me a letter telling me he had cancer and that he had only told me and didn't want the rest of the family to know, then he just sort of faded away into nothingness. There was music playing whilst I read the letter but I'm not sure what the song was. It really disturbs me that I've been dreaming things like this. There doesn't seem to be any reason why I would dream such a thing like that either. It's all just really upsetting.

Today isn't going to be anything good and hasn't been so far. I sent off my accommodation application for Exeter Uni and then have been job hunting for temp work over the summer as I haven't got any extra hours for my part-time job. It really sucks but at least I'll be getting more money in! Saving up for Teighlor, Spain and Uni!!

Hope you have had a more interesting weekend!