Monday, 1 October 2007

First Days at Uni

This is the most difficult thing I have ever had to do in my life.

I always thought I was made for Uni and that it would be the best thing ever but I can’t stop crying. Everyone is really friendly and the first night was fine. I made friends and spent the night out with them. I went into Brighton with one of the girls I met to go to Church on Sunday morning but I had also planned to meet Clarisse. Unfortunately because of a mix-up with the trains Cla and Johann didn’t get there in tome for mass and I had stood around waiting for them. So my libk to this girl has completely gone. I had a nice day in Brighton and having a look around and stuff but kept randomly crying when I had to speak about family. I just miss Mum and Dad so so much it’s just unbearable.

On the way back to Campus Cla and I met a couple of girls who live near her and we went to catch a bus back together. Unfortunately we caught the wrong bus and then the bus broke down in the middle of the Downs. We changed buses, went back into Brighton, got another bus back to campus and then went to my room. I feel that if I had stayed around on Sunday I may have got into the flow of things a bit more but I decided not to and instead went back to the Brighton Campus to have dinner with Cla.

I walked back around 9/9.15 and when I got back in I just burst into tears. Locked myself in my room and set reading over cards and looking at pictures. You’re not supposed to have quiet nights in on your second day of Freshers but I can’t say I’m really up for getting slaughtered and being a piss-head at the moment. I just feel so homesick.

This morning I met up with Louise and went to our Intro to IT course together. We then went back to her room and I met the people on her corridor. They’re all so nice and Lou has fitted in so nicely. I still haven’t properly met anyone on my corridor let alone the rest of the floor. We went to the Psychology Welcome thing – and I met the people in my tutor group. There are only a few of us, all girls with a female Adviser called Dora Duka. I’m going to try and remember the names of the girls on my group: Leoni, Peddra, Alice, Sadie, Veronica and another girl who I cannot remember the name of at the moment.

There’s a comedy night on tonight and I should probably go and see if anyone I met is going to it or doing anything at all, but I’d rather just sit in my room and cry and be alone. I can’t believe I’m being like this. It’s so unlike myself, I’m usually so bubbly and up for having fun but right now I just want to go home.

Dad phoned, said Mum and Kat aren’t well. I want to go and see them and check they’re OK, even though I know it’s just headaches and being under the weather. I miss my family so much. I should get a grip and got socialise. I have to love here for the rest of the academic year, but right now it feels like eternity. I feel like I’ll never see anyone I love again. I have to wait until at least November.