Friday, 22 June 2007


Darn this. I am a slow person when it comes to most things!

OK, I guess this isn't too bad actually compared to some other things I'm still behind on.

21st June 2007, the end and the beginning. The morning was my Synoptic RE exam which went pretty well by all accounts. 10 pages of writing with a page and a half of detailed notes beforehand. My goodness, my hand was KILLING me at the end of that session, even though it was only an hour and a half.

At 10.29am my exams in the institution of St Paul's Catholic School were over for good (if I have to re-sit it won't be there!). My class all went up to see Miss Friel and have a long chat and sort out our lunch-date with her. We're all really looking forward to this, she has been the most amazing teacher and really has become more of a friend. I'm really really sad to be leaving her. She's so damn awesome!

Cece, Katy and myself went into the city to get lunch. After this boring activity Cece and I headed back up to the school to see Tom before his Physics exam. Then we sat around and chatted for 20mins or so, catching up with our RE Synoptic teacher in the cafe. My goodness the cafe is seriously odd without 6th form in it. I felt like an impostor. Celia left at around 1.25pm to meet her mum and go home whilst I went and wasted time in the library trying to take my mind off the nightmare ahead of me.

1.45pm - my instructor turned up 15 minutes early to take me on what was to be my last lesson with him. I've never been so nervous in all my life. I thought music practical exams were bad ~ imagine a big room with a table and examiner at one end and you, a music stand, a piano and/or your instrument of choice. That was bad enough but the waiting room at the driving test centre is so much worse.

15.00 - Sitting in the waiting room with seven other people, three potential ex-students. The examiners walked in and called out our names. I was shocked, as a complete calmness came over me when Les Gillett called out my name. The test started at 15.02 and I answered my maintenance questions confidently with no fluffs. Then it was into the car where I had to sound the horn - silly me being a girl forgot to turn the ignition on at first, luckily the examiner wasn't looking. *phew*. Then, it was out of the test centre and around the back roads of Far Bletchley. I am rather pleased that I wasn't taken down through Newton Longville or Central Bletchley as I would actually have cried. As I parked back at the test centre I was quite relaxed and sort of not thinking of anything in particular. When I was told I had passed, I smiled and was happy but not really all that excited. Just felt a bit weird. I got 6 minors for gear changes, bumping the kerb, undue hesitation and driving too slow. My instructor laughed at the last one as he has been telling me off constantly for the last few weeks for driving too fast (this being in the hour before the test too). Well, never mind they were only minors.

Adam (my instructor) drove me to Katy's house where her mum was the first to hear that I had passed. Then Katy came running down. I miss her house! I got a phone call from DeeJay too. I answered the phone with "I passed!". I felt guilty as I had no credit so I couldn't phone any of the people I wanted to. Oh well. We went back to mine around 5.30pm where my mum met us on the drive. I tried to play the game so she though i failed the test, then said in a gloomy voice yeah, I passed. It was so funny watching her, she went a lil mental and screamed and gave me a big hug! Everyone has seemed so much more excited than me. Maybe I will when the insurance on the car is sorted!? I can't wait to give my friends and family lifts and stuff - gonna be awesome!

After a long night of organising and creating Sophie's 18th birthday present, finishing at 1am and still missing key people, we went to bed. Then were up at 6.30am to fulfill a bust schedule. In school for 9am and filling in the last messages of the book. Up to the city to get a card and present, then to Sophie's to wish her "Happy 18th Birthday" and hang around with her on the morning of her 18th year. Around 12pm we headed back into the city to get back to Bletchley and Katy's house. Then went to see Kate's Nan and Grandad - they are so cool, she's lucky to have them so close to her. Her Nan dropped us into Bletchley Central so Katy could get her dress for Sophie's Grease party. Then back to the city from there so Katy could meet Phil and me, go to work.

Pretty busy day. Work was average. Vicki's back home though so YAY to that. BUT George is leaving =( mega bummer. Love that girl. Means Thursday nights are free though. Oh man, changes are happening a lot at the moment, ti's all rather strange.