Monday, 18 June 2007

From Kensington To Wembley

After another late night (got off the phone at 2.20am eek!) and then not being able to sleep, a late start on Saturday was imminent! It really wasn't the best idea unfortunately, but I'm just glad that I wasn't working!

I went into the city centre around 12.30 to get some money for the weekend and run a few errands around there. First, I met Celia so that I could give her the cheque for the limo and get some other payments. It was horrid up in the centre. I really can't stand the busyness of it on dull Saturdays. We were in queues in banks and the post office for about half an hour. Why do we always attract the weirdos? Some guy kept butting in on our prom conversation to make pointless comments about the wait. You understand when they're old or something, but this guy was just plain odd!

Anyway, after the city I went on home to get ready for London (YAY!). With half an hour left, I rushed around throwing stuff in my bag and getting changed. Pam arrived at 2pm and came in for some quick lunch and break. We left around 3.30pm in the rain and headed off to the M1. Luckily there was hardly any traffic so we were in London by 5pm. We headed off to Wembley hoping to find somewhere to leave the car over night, but there was nowhere particularly secure around there, so we went straight to the Hotel. I forget how busy London is, no matter what time of day you seem to be there.

We stayed at Blakemore Hotel which is just down from Kensington and not far from Hyde Park. We booked in and freshened up, then went to Kensington Gardens and walked around for about an hour and a half. I forget how beautiful the Parks in London are. We walked over to the "Princess Diana Memorial" and it was so lovely. Luckily it didn't rain whilst we were out. In fact it was really warm and sunny. I decided to regress back to childhood. Off came the shoes, up rolled the crops and in went the feet! It was FREEZING, but so nice to sit and dangle my feet over an edge into running water. I really love water, it's so pure and simple and refreshing! I then thought I'd be clever by going to where the water ran fastest and where the jets were. Off I went, and down I sat. It was well worth it - the rush and feel of it all, but another feeling came over me. A weird sensation really! My bum and whole backs of my legs were drenched. Turns out water splashes when it flows fast, and I'd sat in a big puddle. Oh dear! Never mind, I like attention (I guess!?).
After that, Pam decided it was probably time to leave. We took the long way back to the Hotel, walking past the Peter Pan sculpture. It is beautiful and truly captures the essence of youth, fun and childhood, which I certainly felt that day. Peter Pan is my favourite children's book of all time. The pictures and the words are perfect for when you grow-up.

I had a good night of drinking to follow. I started the ball rolling when we got back to the Hotel ordering to large white wines (Pinot Grigio, not sure which one). Once changed we headed off to a Chinese just off Kensington Gardens. Pimms was ordered and a bottle of Pinot again, stupidly expensive at £20 but very much worth it. After a delicious meal we headed off and went for a wonder. Then ended the night-out with Italian coffee and desserts at Bella Italian, which is actually the real-deal in London. We sat outside with the rain pattering at our feet but staying dry. I had a Calypso (Coffee with Tia Maria, I think) and Tiramisu. It was gorgeous. We wondered back through the rainy streets of London at about midnight. Finally ending with a night-cap in the hotel bar. I strangely chose a double Baileys - not as bad as the first time, but better at the end of the night!

Sunday was an odd start to the day. Pam woke me around 6.30am and then we sat talking 'til 8am. After showering, dressing and breakfast we checked-out and moved the luggage to the car. Leaving it there, we decided to go off on a wander. We ended up at Paddington Station, trying to find Oxford Street, but the maps are terrible in London. So after an hour we headed back to the car and drove over instead.

I LOVE Oxford Street. It has some of the best stores there. And it's made even better when with Pam. She really knows how to shop! We stayed there for 2 and a half hours then headed off to Wembley.

However amazing that concert was, there's no [possible way I can write about it. The Stadium is awesome! It's so big and just crazy. The bands were fantastic, even the one I didn't personally enjoy! So, this is just a basic rundown.

Around 4pm a band called Shy Child (you must check them out on myspace or something, seriously!). Then at 5pm Biffy Clyro came on. They are phenomenal performers. They played Saturday Superstar, yes, amongst there other two most recent releases. A mosh pit was started at the very front, clearly 12yr old boys, and amusing to watch from the side lines. At 6.30pm My Chemical Romance came on and played. Pam loved it, I sat staring dreamy eyed watching the clouds clear and the lighting slowly fade; the stadium slowly fill; and Worzel Gummidge's son run back and forth (as well as this really cute guy in funny shorts). Then at 8.30pm Muse made an amazing entrance and played the best live music Ihave ever heard. They are perfect and amazing and astounding and every other awe-filled word imaginable!

We left at 10.10pm, got to the car at 10.30pm (a 5 min walk supposedly). Then sat for 2hrs in stationary traffic. We got home at 1am and were both knackered. But it was totally worth it. I have pictures from the weekend here:

Go see them! Sorry about some of the shoddy ones. Hopefully my aunts ones will be available soon.