Tuesday, 15 April 2008

How can you...?

My parents came home this evening after their long weekend down in Wales with Pam. I thought it would be nice to see them again and that they might even start showing some interest. But clearly they are set in their ways on this one.

Over the weekend I saw Jérémie, and I managed to spend part of the time with him at my own home so now I feel we are starting to balance out on that one. Unfortunately for him Jenny hadn't gone away this weekend as I had hoped. Kat had gone off down to Portsmouth making me think I was in luck but the one person who you never want people to meet...put it this way. That member of your family you like to leave til the end of introductions and avoid conversations about. Well that is my sister and she isn't exactly easy to miss or avoid in person. The poor guy was submitted to her and her weird-ass friends on Sunday. I wish she would just grow-up and move out. She is just...ARGH!
But regardless of that I think it was a really lovely weekend. We went over to Liz's for her party, as it is her birthday this week. And he got to meet my closest friends which went incredibly well. He was so relaxed in conversation with them all it made me so happy. Sunday was spent at mine watching films and French TV as is the custom! But I've never felt so at a loss as when I took him to the train station. I wanted to be able to stand until the train came and took him but it's not possible at MKC (gay station) but that moment at the barriers...ay nako! I miss him like crazy this week and just can't wait for the boredom to peeter away into another blissful weekend with him.

When my parents arrived home this evening the first thing I wanted to do was show them a picture of Jérémie, as I now finally have one (thank you DeeJay, even if I do look a state!). And t was such a let-down when my mum's reaction was nothing. She didn't say one thing other than, it's not a very good angle to see him, as it is one of those "natural" shots. And that was the end of the conversation. Neither parent asked how the weekend was for me. What did I get up to or even how my day was today. But as soon as Kat came downstairs "How was Portsmouth? Did you enjoy it?" It makes me so mad to know that they will freely discuss every aspect of my life with everyone apart from me it seems. They have no reason why to not want to ask questions. I'm not hiding anything from them and I've made a point of them knowing that as it seems to hurt them so very much. A simple question like the everyday sort can't really be that hard can it?