Thursday, 4 September 2008

All Things New

OK, it's been a while since Ive written a blog entry mainly due to me being away travelling around Europe with my Manchester girl Cece.

It was probably one of the best experiences in my life and the best holiday I've ever had. It is going to be a hard one to top actually. But I have written a journal for every day of that trip so I don't really want to write about it here, though I'm sure it will eventually work it's way onto here.

Basically I just wanted to update on everything so far.

Jérémie is kind of out of the game now. He went back to France and we didn't speak really at all. Then I got home from travelling and I got a message from him telling em he was back in Coventry this year and gave me the date of his arrival but I'm not really sure on what on earth is going on there. Genuinely clueless and not really sure I, or he, want anything to happen there. Not exactly going to be a topic for discussion either going by history.

This however leads me onto the new "man" in my life. I'm not sure what he is at the moment. I like him he loves me (always nice to have that sort of attention) but this lovely man lives in Sicily which just makes things a little difficult on the whole dating front as it is basically impossible unless one or the other goes to the other's home to visit for at least a week I guess. And hopefully he will be coming to stay with me for a week when I move up to Manchester. (Oh yeah I move up on 20th September - finally going back to Uni w00t!) So if that happens then it may well turn into a dating thing and me being with the most sweet, caring, funny and cute guy I think I have ever met. I really do have a thing for Latinos...not necessarily a good thing I sometimes feel what with the whole distance thing. But I think Giovanni (my Sicilian) is totally worth that effort, he certainly has proved so far that there is no good reason why not to give it a shot. Plus, it may mean I go out to Sicily in April which I think is rather a good idea.

I'm going to be an aunt within the next 6 weeks. Yes, my sister Kathryn is pregnant and I';m not sure if I mentioned it before but it is all properly happening now. He is due out on 14th October, but it looks like he'll probably be early what with her getting big so early on and not having a grown a huge amount in the last month or so. I can't wait for it but at the same time am slightly scared for and of Kathryn. She's been a right moody bitch since I got back off holiday and seems to be going back to how she was before I went to Uni last year and doing the whole..."Let's be a total cow to your little sister and make her not want anything to do with you" so whether I'll be speaking to her when her little one is born is totally down to her. I wish I could say this behaviour is down to the pregnancy but she for some reason totally despises me and always feels a need to make it known. Jealousy is so stupid when she is jealous of what she's already done and had in her life. She can never accept that I can do things better than her or that I can do as well as her in life or have the confidence and enthusiasm she never had to do the things that she probably would have loved to do with her life. It is totally pathetic and I hope she doesn't treat her son ;like that when the time comes for him to do all the fun stuff in his life that she has prevented herself from doing by not using a condom or taking the pill. She really is the most bitter female I have ever had the misfortune to know.

I think that just about covers everything for now. Once more things pop op in my memory I'll be sure to note them. But until then, that is all.