Thursday, 2 August 2007

To Cap It All Off

I should really start by recapping the past three weeks or so that have passed with no news from me, but in all honestly nothing much has happened to my memory. I've been working a fair bit and doing nothing much in particular.

The main events over the past weeks have been friend related, so I guess I start with the brief summary. We (the B6 minus Pete and Marshall plus Teighlor) went to London for the day on Wednesday 11th July. The night before however, was Katy's 18th so we went out for a few drinks. Liz and I got hammered on a bottle of wine each. It was not a clever idea. I threw up when we went to a club and have a dogged memory from semi-passing/falling asleep in the space of 30mins probably. I had an odd night's sleep and felt rough as anything most of the next day. But nonetheless, London was really good as it always is. We went around all the sights and walked a shit load but I personally needed to work out any remaining alcohol from my system. We got home about 9pm after leaving at 10am that morning so it was a long day but a rather enjoyable one.

I finally got the insurance on the car, had a free house for the day so Liz and I drove the group bar Pete plus Teighlor, into the Brickhills where we proceeded in a 2 hour walk through the woods and wilderness. It was a very good day by my accounts. We all got scratched and muddy but it was good fun to be out with everyone like that. We went home to mine and watched Spaceballs then it was in to the City Centre for work and home. DeeJay and I went for Pizza Express after work and got some very odd looks from passers-by and the staff who clearly thought we were on a date. Heheh, ignorance is bliss!

Tom, DeeJay, Liz, Celia and I went to see the 5th Harry Potter film which was a bit of a let down considering how much the book effected me. Nevertheless it was good to be out with the guys.

Liz, DeeJay and I went to the Harry Potter launch, hanging around to watch the activities in the centre, then watching Lee Evans til 11.45pm and going to Wolverton Tesco's to pick up the 7th, final book in the Harry Potter series Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (which I am currently, very slowly reading).

The Spain Crew, minus Celia who is in Ghana (left on 23rd June due back at the beginning of August some time) stayed over Liz's for two nights which was good fun. The second night I had my car as well as Liz's so we went into the Brickhills at 11pm and
walked the length of the woods. The fun began when we bumped into some suspect chavs in a BMW parked near the cemetery. They followed us walking all night and then chased us when we drove past. It's such an adrenaline boost to be in a car chase down a narrow, windy, one-way road in the pitch black. That was probably the best night there. We had some interesting driving that night to say the least.

The family were all down two weekends ago; my mum's older sister and her husband; his sister and her husband; Sam and Honey; and dad's sister Pam. It was nice to have the family all around like that since it has been two years since we've seen Oli and Geoff (aunt and uncle) and probably a good there years since we've seen Irene and John (Uncle's sister and husband). We didn't do anything in particular so there is nothing much to say about that.

Pam, mum and dad went to see Van Morrison and me and Kat spent the evening drinking red wine and watching movies which was really good. I don;t spend an awgul lot of time with her as I have my own life to be living.

On Monday of this week I stayed around Katy's house and we had a girlie night in, watching Napoleon Dynamite which is by far the oddest film I have ever seen, though I quite like it despite the oddity of it. Then Tuesday after working 10-6 I went over to Liz's, DeeJay was there too . We took Liz's aunt and uncle's border collies for a walk around Bancroft, Bradwell and that general area for about an hour and a half. Then we sat and messed around and attempted to organise and Avenu Qru trip for next summer or sometime. The next day we met Tom and took the dogs for a two hour walk in the Brickhills which was much fun and blooming knackering. It was really good to be relaxed out in nature enjoying the company of some of my closest friends though.

That night (Wednesday) Katy, Liz, Pete, Marshall, Leigh and I all met up to go out. Unfortunately (majorly so it turned out) DeeJay couldn't make it as he is soon going on holiday to Tuscany so he relaly needs to make sure he's in a fit state so as not to ruin the family holiday, which is fair enough, but a bummer for us lot. Anyways - it was a good night out. I wnjoyed dancing a bit, though not much this time which is highly out of the ordinary for myself but nevertheless I enjoyed it all at the time. We met up with other people form school and stuff whilst out which was cool considering it's been a good month since we'd all seen each other. Katy stayed at mine that night and then we went to the cinema today with Marshall, Tom, Liz and DeeJay to see The Simpsons Movie. I wasn't expecting much as Kat hadn't built it up much, however I very much enjoyed. There are some awesome one-liners and jokes in it which had me truly Lulzing.

I've certainly been enjoying myself but not really doing anything in particular.