Saturday, 25 August 2007

Drama Queen

I really can over dramatise situations at times.

I can't believe how fickle my emotions are too.

I feel like in the last month I have done a lot of growing-up and a lot of reality checks to bring me back. Sarah to earth - I'm coming home!

I've had a whole lot of people come and go and then come back again since I last blogged. My closest friend went to Italy for a week which caused a lot of heartache for me and his "kind-of-not-really-girlfriend". It was really good in a way because the two of us spent a fair bit of time together and just chatting and being girlie and stuff. It was a lot of fun. But I don't think he has ever seen to girls be so ecstatic and over the moon to see him when he returned 8 days later. I swear they were the longest 8 days of my life.

5 days. Everyday I was in work that week I would count down to my colleagues until DeeJay would be home and then Liz and I would work out the hours and try and work out what he was doing in Italy at that moment when we spoke and were together. 4 days to go. We braved it and we went out on the Wednesday night with our other bum buddies from the B6. It was a fairly good night, with Lizi, Katy and Anna joining us. It was amazing to see her again. Anna this is. She went out with an old school friend of mine around christmas time so I haven't seen her since then. She has got to be the most genuinely, lovely, caring, kind, non-judgemental, fun-loving, prettiful, sane but crazy girl I have ever met with THE most beautiful singing voice. I'm not even joking. She has the voice of an angel.

Friendships went on the rockies for a bit but all turned out to be a SHOCKWAVE TESTAMENT for me to realise yet again how truly blessed I am with my friends. A lot has happened but I honestly coudn't sit and re-iterate it all.

The day DeeJay came home my family left for Tuscany (a swap over holiday it seemed) and for the next two weeks I would have another rollercoaster of emotions. Until the Wednesday after their departure I don't think I had anyone over other than my aunt Pam. Although I tend to have a very selective memory.
Anyways - on the Wednesday before results (making it 15th August) I had my closest friends over. Well, those who could make it. As we were all cacking ourselves over results I thought it a good idea to get us all together so that we could take our minds off it or at least get to talk to people who could truly empathise.

We drank and ate and chatted and then went for a walk down to the lake. We sat in the pitch black by the lakeside at 12am and for about 20mins in the freezing cold singing on the benches and pissing about. Unfortunately Tom had an accident. He was running, I told him to stop in case he fell...SURPRISE, SURPRISE he fell and cracked a rib, grazed his head and both his knees, ripped his trousers and incurred upon himself mild concussion. I feel a tad guilty and almost totally responsible for that one. But luckily I provided him with a much needed walking stick. The guilty conscience eased slightly.

Results day was hectic and full of varying emotions. We all got into Uni. I unfortunately seemed to draw the short straw. When I arrived home I phoned my parents in Tuscany to let them know of my results and future Uni plans. My father wasn't too impressed because I didn't achieve all my target grades. I was down one grade for English and so didn't get into my first choice Uni - which I personally knew was going to happen anyway. But with ABB I was fairly impressed considering how shockingly bad I had done during the year in RE. I was told that the outcome was "disappointing" and became rather tearful to say the least. I came off the phone abruptly and decided to phone my brother instead. I had phoned my aunt Pam first off in school and had a very good response from her, but felt I needed some extra family support. My brother was the perfect person for this and I was in tears down the phone to him with all my friends sitting in the room with me at a loss as what to do. It probably wasn't the best reaction for me to have with them around but I was very lucky to have my friends with me really.

After that day (we all went out that night and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Well, the finale was a good one evetually) I spoke to my best-friend and was slightly shocked to hear what he said about my phone call to my brother. I do love them both dearly and they certainly are my two favourite males in existence - Sam and DeeJay. They are both always there for me. In the same way that Pam, Katy, Celia, Tom and Liz are. I Love my parents and sisters dearly and they are rated in my favourite people of all time certainly but I guess I don't fully understand where they're coming from all the time and react in a silly way. But anyway that isn't the point right now.

DeeJay proved how much he means to me. It occurred to me over the past two weeks how close we really are. I don't think I ever have completely been in a negative mood with him. There is always something which pops up to remind me (OK sorry have to point out the sexual innuendo there hehee sorry >_>) what an amazing person he is. In fact I just wrote a huge email to him about it.

I have yet again lost my train of thought which I tend to be doing all too often nowadays.

Anyway I've had an evetful two weeks and prior to that also. My family are now home and there are some awkward moments but in general I'm very happy to see them home again. There isn't much time left with them in this way now, so I guess I should chersih the crappiness and amazingness of homelife.