Sunday, 8 July 2007

Catch Up!

OK, so this week has been fairly busy and quite a productive one as far as holiday weeks go.

The main thing this week was being with friends and rebuilding relationships. Not necessarily because of anything bad, but just catching up and doing what we do best! So it all started on Monday morning when DeeJay and Liz came over early in the morning followed by Tom and Cece in the afternoon. We sat and watched a couple of films and had general chat about random anything and everything. Then headed into the city centre for a staff meeting (for me and DeeJay anyway) where we met Anita and said farewell to Tom. After a very short meeting DeeJay, Liz, Cece, Anita and myself went to Pizza Express for dinner then over to the Xscape to watch Oceans 13 which was really good and rather funny. I’m glad I haven’t seen the second one as I think it would have ruined the third for me.

The next day I bummed around the house and sat for a few hours going through old pictures with my sister Kat form when we were kids. It was weird hearing her talk about me as a child and her being really sisterly. She never used to be, it’s weird having her grown-up but really good too. I guess I’m slowly growing-up and changing too. I like this time in life – it’s very good. We just enjoyed a sisterly day. Then I went into the centre in the evening for a meal with my Church friends as it was one of their birthdays. Back at Pizza Express again but in a completely different vibe with some good stories and anecdotes being told, and made I’m sure.

Wednesday was our London trip day. DeeJay and Liz came to mine around 11am where we sat and chatted and chilled for a bit. Then, just before 1 Liz drove down to her physiotherapy with me and DeeJay waiting in her car, listening to music and pissing about. She was barely in there anytime though, and when she came out again she said hello to me through the window and scared the crap out of me. In turn I rattled Liz and DeeJay with my scream. Obviously I wasn’t expecting her to turn up outside the window as my head was turned away from it!

After this Liz drove down to Cece’s to pick her up and then we went back to Liz’s for half an hour or so. We were then dropped at the train station by her dad and we headed off to London. The train ride allowed for may picture poses and the usual random conversation. We arrived at Euston around 3.40pm and headed off to China Town for some lunch/dinner. Then we wondered around London for about three hours.

OK, I should probably mention that we went to London to see Avenue Q at the Noel Coward Theatre on St Martin’s Lane.

So we eventually got to theatre, had a drink in a pub over the road from it beforehand. Then went in and I don’t think I’ve ever laughed that much for that long in my life! It was fantastic. The humour was just perfect for me, and I was in hysterics the whole way through it, even when other people weren’t I’d let out a little giggle. The others certainly enjoyed it too; it was good to do something like that with them. We got back into MK around midnight.

When I got home Kat text me and we lay in her bed and watched Shaun of the Dead. It was nice to just spend time with her like that – we used to do it when we were younger – sleep in each others rooms for a couple of hours anyway. Just lie and chat! It’s good to get back to the roots like that again.

Thursday I did very little. I had work in the evening with Kate. It was good to work with her on a close. I’ve never done that before. Got to have a good gossip with her and catch up on what’s been going on. Nothing interesting happened at work really, it was pretty dead all night.

Friday was the big day! I met up with Katy at about 2pm in the city centre as I was to join her and her family for a meal, an early celebration for her 18th. We went back to hers and had a long chat and just chilled for a few hours. Then Kates, Amy (her sister) and I got ready for going out. Katy and I were going on to Revs after the meal to meet Phil and his friends. Little did she know we were actually going to the Irish Centre for the majority of the night. After the meal Katy’s mum told us we were going to see her Nan and Granddad who were at the Irish Centre.

When we arrived, we sent Katy in first to see the surprise gathering of friends and family. Her face was priceless. She was actually speechless, which is nothing like Katy! I was very glad to be there as well, as Tom and Teighlor were there, the first time I met her. She is something else. She is just amazing! I spent moist of the night dancing with her and Cece. Everyone danced that night actually which was really good as usually there are a few party poopers there. We all left at a bout 12.15am and headed back to mine mostly. Celia and I both went out like lamps.

We were all up at around 8.40am the next morning as DeeJay had to go to work for 10am. Liz took DeeJay into work and Celia home, they left at about 9.40am. I went and cleared my room and aired my room out a bit. Then went and got ready for work. I had a bit of a spat with my parents over lifts and stuff as I had to ask them to pick up a friend after work. I really wanted to turn around and tell them that if they just sorted out the insurance already, I could do it myself. It’s been over two weeks since I past my driving test and driven in general. It’s making me mad! There’s no reason for it not to have been done already! Anyway, I’m not going off on one AGAIN about this.

After work (which was dead yet again and pretty eventless) Dad picked me up, we went home, had dinner, then drove to Roade (a 15min drive up the A5) and picked up Audrey from her Gran’s. This was the first time I’d seen either of them in about 8/9 years. It was so good to see her again.

When we got back to MK, we sorted some bits out and then went into the centre and met some of my friends at Old Wetherspoons. We were only there for 3hours or so and Audrey seemed to enjoy herself. We had a couple of drinks, but it was just good to sit around and chat with everyone like that. The girls/guys really took to Audrey so it was nice to just be where it was quiet for a change. It was also the last chance to see Anita before she headed off to HK for a month. =(

When we got back to mine Audrey and I sat and looked at pictures of her family and her home in the Philippines. She is a very privileged girl I must say. Although she does miss Manila a lot – her family have moved back to England for a bit and then they’ll head off somewhere else, maybe stay here even. It’s all up in the air at the moment. But, Audrey will be around soon as she is going to Uni next year. Hopefully though, her gap year will keep her in the UK.

We went shopping today for shoes. It was a good day, the shops were quite empty which gave us plenty of time to browse. We both ended up with some earrings – I absolutely love mine – and two pairs of shoes. One pair Audrey ended up with were awesome, these grey stilettos with a little strap going across the bridge/arch of the foot with closed toe and heel. They were just gorgeous.

Dad picked us up from the shops and we dropped Audrey back at her Gran’s. I’m not sure when I’ll get to see her next. She may come up to London on Wednesday when I’m there, so we’ll just see what happens. The rest of today has just been a bit non-plus; just mooching about really. Should have a good week coming up though!