Saturday, 27 February 2010

Bad Ideas

Facebook stalking never ends well - Find out something that you hoped wasn’t true; See photos you probably didn’t want to see; Or realise that...I have a ridiculous soft spot for him and I don’t think it is down to the physical side of things.

I remember things he has told me and they aren’t pointless things...they are personal, about his family and plans for later on the next year without me asking questions. Now I think that he was telling me things he might not have needed to tell me and I can’t work out whether it was just because he was drunk or if it was more than that. I know it wasn’t just alcohol related when it happened but I definitely like him more than a bit of fun.

Did I pick the wrong one? Did I f**k it up big-time when I told him that stupid, pointless lie? Is this going to be my one big regret in life? I knew where I stood with him at least. But I will ruin any chance with the other one if I even attempt to contact him again. Eurgh I hate being surrounded by (well my two closest friends) girls with guys on the go. Makes me think too much about those no longer in my life...I need my auntie and JenN!